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Finish Line Paving is a full service asphalt paving contractor located in Ventura county, that specializes in all aspects of paving. Everything from new construction, grading and paving, removal & replacement, overlays, to slurry seal and stripe work. Our crew is skilled in multi facets of asphalt and we have done projects as small as utility trenches to as large as housing tracts. We also do Public Works jobs such as schools and governmental jobs. We do grading and paving on small jobs like ranch roads to paving shopping centers or church facility. We are able to be very competitive and always finish on time.

Finish Line Paving was established to better serve the Ventura, Santa Barbara, and L.A. county areas with a reasonable, affordable, and efficient approach for all projects no matter what size.

The co-founders have more than 35 years of combined experience and are eager to perform all phases of asphalt work from new construction, trench paving, seal and stripe, to full blown removal and replacements.

We are fully licensed, insured and able to perform everything from complicated engineering jobs to the simplest work like patching. We are also able to do prevailing wage government work as well as small private jobs.

We will be glad to provide customer referrals, as well as show you recent work because our work speaks for itself. We also own and maintain our equipment and perform most work in house to better serve you the customer.

We can provide you with a construction schedule and help to keep disruptions to a minimum. We are capable of removing entire parking lots, Grading, placing road base, Paving, as well as overlay work, trench paving, ADA upgrades, and patch and seal maintenance work. All estimates are free and we encourage you to get several.

License #1024827

Since 1993